Solution Overview

  • The largest manufacturer of aluminium extrusions.
  • It produces a wide range of aluminium alloys including aluminium sheets, foils & coils.
  • Industries which are in steel, power, mining and infrastructure sectors

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Need of real-time Monitoring of asset (Electrical Motors) performance to predict failure in advance and avoid unplanned downtime
  • No system of SMS and alarm functionality, to inform the maintenance team of any abnormalities
  • Allocating energy costs to production units and breaking down energy costs on a per product basis
  • High energy leakage caused by equipment operation which degrades performance, affects product quality and impacts energy efficiency

Solution Outline

  • Remote monitoring system for machines such as HT, LT panels, high capacity motors.
  • To guide the operators to know the energy usage and leakage patterns over a period of time.
  • Raise an alarm if any malfunctioning of machine occurs
  • Smart Meter will keep monitor parameters such as Voltage, Power, Frequency, Current, etc.

Solution Benefits

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Consumption (Graphical / Excel Reports)

✔  Hourly

✔  Daily

✔  Monthly

✔  Yearly

  • Comparison Charts & Top Consumption
  • Excess Consumption / Setting Targets / Alerts
  • Email Alerts, SMS Alerts
  • Voltage / Current / Power Factor / Frequency / Power Energy Analysis report

Solution Status

Ready for POC ( conditions apply )

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